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High Power Wall Connector Installation

Hi all!

Last week I confirmed my order for a brand new Grey/Black Model S 85 w/Tech, Pano, Jump Seats and Parking Sensors. Personally I could not get myself to upgrade over the base Tesla, but when I told my wife that i was trading in her 2008 Lexus, it became her car and out came the checkbook.

Anyway, I am considering my charging options and before I call my Electrician, I was wondering if anybody has experience with installing the HPWC outside of their garage. Is it waterproof? Will I shock my wife to death if she plugs it in outside during a rain storm? I am really concerned about safety here, but it would be much more convenient outside.

Thanks in advance for your help.

The HPWC has a rubber seal all around the perimeter, however the installation book does not explicitly mention indoor vs. outdoor installation. I would recommend you enclose the HPWC in something that is water proof in order to provide you with the maximum protection.

Well, on a general note, does this type of installation require that I pull a permit? What about just adding a NEMA 14-30 outlet? I am guessing that it may depend on whether the panel can handle the additional amperage but I have no idea.

Boca, If you are going to install the HPWC and take full advantage of the 80 amp draw, I would have a permit pulled for that 100 circuit that gets installed. If you do 14-50 outlet at 50 amps, you could consider not getting a permit, provided you have the space in your panel.

HPWC is outdoor rated according the instructions . Don't you have a garage for your S ?
In our country it would be dirty sitting out side. You program the DIP switches hook up breaker and wires . It self checks and your charging.

I had the electricians (recommended by TM in Canoga Park) install the HPWC on the side of my house. We have a 200 amp service. He installed a 100 amp breaker and ran the appropriately heavy conduit and wire from the circuit breaker box on the southeast side of the house underneath the house to about the northeast side of the house, took the conduit out and up from there and installed the HPWC. He put a Wire Guard Systems Inc. metal box around the whole thing which shields it from sun and rain. I have to try a few adjustments to make it a bit easier to use, but I'm really happy with it. 4 weeks owning the MS and no problems!


Your electrician will pull the permits he needs. I did not do an HPWC, but did install the 50 amp plug just inside the garage. I can easily reach the car, and keep the mobile connector electronics inside. The garage door closes right over the cord. it does require backing up to the garage though.

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