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Questions about the touchscreen's web browser...

Searching didn't yield credible answers to these:
1) Is there any connection between the touchscreen player's web browser and the car's audio system?

2) While I know the touchscreen's web browser won't play embedded video, will it play audio embedded in a website?

3) Does the web browser have access to the car's GPS? For example, could I bring up Google shopping search and have it provide me with local results accurate to where the car currently is without manually specifying a zip code?

4) Does the browser support animated GIFs?

5) Is there a way to import or export bookmarks (favorited sites) or manage them from somewhere other than inside the car?

Thanks in advance. It's mind-boggling to have questions like these about a car. Wonderful, but mind-boggling. :-)

Both 1 and 2 are a likely No, afaik. Audio-capability requires either HTML5 or Flash and I think the browser is missing both.

1. No. No audio, no video.

2. No.

3. No (not yet?)

4. Yes (noticed it on Twitter avatars)

5. Not that I've found. I'm really wishing for Chrome, which would keep my bookmarks in sync with my Google account.

Thanks! I appreciate the data.

On 3: run searches in the NAV app for local results

Would be useful if Tesla could at least get their website and the browser to work together...

Re. 5., if you have a Gmail account, you can sign in to access your Google Bookmarks.

Good tip, Bob W! I'll make a car bookmark to my Google bookmarks. :-)

One can use the web browser to create a blank dark screen via

I am experimenting with a black page with faded lettering that links to four websites.

@wcalvin: What screen resolution do you "design for" when considering the MS's touchscreen? Is it a known res?

Thanks, @GeekEV. Didn't see that thread before.

1080 wide 1920 high was what I assumed.

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